House Distillery


Making brandies is an old tradition at our house. Our very own Hans Hofherr, our senior manager, is the one who is the one responsible of brandy making. When the first leaves fall in autumn and it is time for the last harvest of the year, we select the right fruits and make our brandy based on our old traditional recipes. Our Apple-Cinnamon Brandy based on an old family recipe is a legendary product from our distillery, but we also offer excellent Williams pear brandy and fruit schnapps as well as other brandies and spirits from our distillery that you can taste. Our senior manager personally makes sure that only the best ingredients of the respective year are used for our brandies. The result is a clean and true product that is made the way it has been made for centuries in Bavaria.



Even though we only produce small batches, we offer a versatile range of brandies, schnapps, and all kinds of liquors. We offer many excellent products, from strong digestives to soft aperitifs that soothe the palate. For those who like sweet drinks, we recommend our sweet liquors, such as our walnut liquor or our apricot liquor based on house recipes. You will find all our available brandies from our house distillery presented in our showroom.


  • Fruit Schnaps 38%
    0.5 l 7.80 Euro
    0.7 l 11.50 Euro
  • Williams-Pear Brandy 40%
    0.5l 15.80 Euro
    0.7l 21.00 Euro
  • Apricot Brandy 40%
    0.5l 15.50 Euro
    0.35l 9.80 Euro
  • Apple Brandy 40%
    0.5l 12.80 Euro
  • Pear Brandy 40%
    0.5l 18.00 Euro


  • Apple Cinnamon Liquor 18%
    0.7l 13.00 Euro
  • Williams-Pear Liquor 22%
    0.5l 11.50 Euro
  • Apricot Liquor 20%
    0.5l 11.50 Euro
  • Baked Apple Liquor 18%
    0.5l 10.50 Euro
    in the snowman bottle
    0.5l 12.50 Euro
  • Ginger Bread Liquor 7%
    0.5l 11.40 Euro
    in snow man bottle
    0.5l 12.50 Euro
  • Walnut Liquor with Cognac 28%
    0.5l 14.50 Euro
  • Hazelnut Liquor with Cream 17%
    0.5l 12.50 Euro
  • Blood Orange Liquor 18%
    0.5l 10.90 Euro
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