The Posthotel Hofherr is your welcoming host for all kinds of parties and festive events. Königsdorf’s excellent location and the historic allure of our house as well as our delicious cuisine offer the ideal setting for memorable celebrations. Celebrate large family reunions, corporate parties with your colleagues and partners or jubilees. The inn has several lovely restaurant rooms, an inviting beer garden and a large hall that offers enough space for up to 199 guests. We will gladly advise you which facilities are the best choice for your specific celebration. Why not contact us directly so that we can save the ideal table, room or hall for you and to make sure your desired date is still available.


Our inviting house welcomes you with a large number of individually designed restaurant rooms. In addition, we have large dining halls and the spacious outdoor terrace. Lots of space to put all your ideas into practice! Choose a rustic celebration in the mids of traditional elements, dine like princes and princesses at elegantly decorated tables or enjoy the fresh air while you are sitting under the open sky. It’s entirely up to you!

up to 23


The Zirbelstube awaits our guests with natural wood and an Alpine mountain lodge atmosphere. The ideal place to celebrate and spend a nice time together with close friends or family.

up to 40


This room is as rustic and traditional as can be. Our Posthalterstube is Bavarian restaurant room tradition at its very best.

up to 35


Our Grüne Stube (green room) is a bit more simple and straightforward. The open layout creates lots of space and grants flexibility, which makes this room ideal for gatherings.

up to 199


In this large hall, we host weddings, conferences, and large club meetings. There is always enough space in this hall, since it can easily hold up to 199 guests.

up to 34


This room, which is named after Ludwig II. of Bavaria, welcomes visitors with its unique charm. This beautiful little hall features large windows and a sophisticated fireplace rounds off the atmosphere. A place for a fairytale dining experience.

up to 60


The Postillion Stüberl is where the atmosphere of our once historic middle-class inn is most alive. Comfortable seats, dim light and a homely ambiance invite you to dine and enjoy your visit.

up to 34


The Carossastube is the perfect modern Bavarian restaurant room. Classic country-house style combined with modern interior design elements and an exclusive lighting concept make this room especially comfortable and homely.

up to 40


We usually serve you in our Bauernstube (the farmer’s room) when you visit our restaurant. People from the area have been meeting here for centuries to enjoy delicious specialties and to meet with their friends and neighbors.

up to 22


Our smallest separate restaurant room features comfortable wooden wall paneling and a decorative fireplace in the corner. Beautiful ceiling art and noble lamps provide aesthetic accents.


Make your guests happy with all kinds of treats and culinary greetings from our kitchen. With our hearty Alpine dishes and light modern innovations, we will provide excellent food for your event at the Posthotel Hofherr. A buffet for conferences, seminars and meetings is just as welcome as putting together an individual menu for family celebrations or a Christmas party for your company. Thanks to our house-made dishes, we can easily adjust to your personal requirements and we will surely prepare something that your guests will enjoy. Another strong point of our restaurant in addition to professional preparation of all dishes is the fact that we use ingredients of the best quality, such as local vegetables as well as meat and meat products from our very own butchery.


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